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Lemon Haze


Lemon Haze

CBD Distillate + Cannabis & Naturally Derived Terpenes
LEMON HAZE: Fresh lemon aroma with an earthy citrus flavor.
CONTAINS:100% Organic Hemp Derived CBD Distillate & Cannabis Derived Terpenes. Cartridges contain CBD, CBG, CBC & other beneficial cannabinoids. Filled in a 0.8 ml SPRK Ceramic Cartridge. 

Real Deal Vs Snake Oil

Let's face it, the industry is plagued with snake oil for people who can not access legal cannabis products because of THC content. 

Our CBD has absolutely NO additives, artificial flavors or cutting agents. Yes, we are the real deal. Made with real cannabis derived terpenes and distilled CBD, our CBD is 100% natural. Products made with ingredients grown in nature can sometimes vary slightly batch to batch. So you may notice a slight variation in color and taste from batch to batch. This also gives our CBD a more earthy, natural taste as opposed to a fruity sweet taste that you get from synthetic sweeteners and flavors.